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Using Professional Luxyris Products in Beauty Salons

Using Professional Luxyris Products in Beauty Salons. The LUXYRIS Difference – All products are sulfate-free, contain no preservatives, and are 100% natural. Natural Proteins feed and nourish hair. • Silk Proteins — Softens hair, deep root nourishment • Rice Proteins — Impart superior dry comb properties, strengthen and moisturize, repair damaged ends. • Wheat Proteins — Add smoothness and softness to hair, moisturize and strengthen, increase hair’s ability to receive and maintain moisture • Soy Proteins — Easily absorbed by the hair. Adds shine, radiance, luxuriousness and health. Products gently cleanse without causing damage to the hair or scalp. Most shampoos have harsh detergents that fully strip the hair and expose the cuticles. Such detergents are small enough to pry the cuticles apart and cause damage. Luxyris Shampoos gently clean without damaging the hair cuticles or removing essential oils. This leaves the hair strong, smooth, and shiny. Protective Shield After cleansing, Luxyris Conditioners create a special protective barrier on each strand of hair. This barrier coats the strands with UV, heat, static, and dirt protection. This shields hair from fading, broken and split ends, frizziness, and weakening.

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