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Top 7 Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair Given by Experts at Choix Salon Plano

Top 7 Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair Given by Experts at Choix Salon Plano

When it comes to understanding hair, the Hairstylists Salon Plano has are among the best. Because curly hair maintenance can be a difficult thing for women, these specialists have come up with their top 7 tips to help you maintain those lovely curls.

Tip # 1 Keep Washing to a Minimum

Too often over washing can take those beautiful curls that are in your hair and ruin them. For the Hairstylists Salon Plano the importance of curly hair maintenance begins here. Only wash your hair a maximum of two times each week. If you find you are having a drying problem consider taking a little conditioner and applying it to the hair for a quick rinse.

Tip # 2 Avoid Chemicals in Your Hair

Some women love to straighten out their curls with chemicals and this will damages the natural curls in the long run. In addition, products that are designed to curl hair will also begin to breakdown the structure of your hair. Use a flat iron to help manage your curls.

Tip # 3 Use Silk to Keep Silky Smooth Curl

When you sleep on silk at night it allows your hair to maintain its natural softness. Using cotton sheets or even wool will break down the curl in your hair with friction. Keep in mind that the way you treat your hair will have a direct impact on your curls.

Tip # 4 Avoid Hairdryers

One of the most important tips for curly hair maintenance and the Hairstylists Salon Plano has will be certain to tell you this. Hairdryers do just that dry out your hair. This leads to fragile hair that will quickly begin to straighten itself out.

Tip # 5 Never Comb Wet Curly Hair

When you need to comb your hair, you should make sure it is perfectly dry. The reason for this is that if you comb while it is wet, you will experience unwanted frizz. Apply a wide tooth comb to the hair when it is dry, and you will reach perfect results every time.

Tip # 6 Diets Rich in Protein Are Essential

When you eat the proper foods to keep you healthy, such as fruits and vegetables they build up healthy natural levels of vitamin and minerals. These help to keep your hair looking great. When you add a normal level of protein to your diet it will help to keep you hair curly at all times.

Tip # 7 Never Color Your Own Curly Hair

If you are tempted to color your hair at home, don’t. Many women end up doing damage to their curls because of the harsh chemicals that are inside of the at home treatments. It is always best to go seek out a professional like the Hairstylists Salon Palo employees.

Remember that curly hair maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult just follow these seven tips to help deliver the best results for your hair, and be sure to visit the Salon Plano for all your hair care needs.

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