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Top 10 tips for Preventing Hair Fall Given by Hairstylists at Choix Salon Plano

Top 10 tips for Preventing Hair Fall Given by Hairstylists at Choix Salon Plano

Hair fall is a major yet common problem amongst most of us. It can usually first be noticed as a few extra hairs in your comb, it can quickly lead to a thinning hairline noticeable in most hairstyles and even baldness in some cases. With help however, you can maintain and regrow thick and healthy hair. Hairstylists at Choix Salon Plano give these top 10 tips for preventing hair fall and maintaining the look you desire.

1. Take care of your health: Feeling stressed out, failing to get enough sleep and a lack of nutrition in the diet can all make hair shed more rapidly and look lifeless, and dull. Be sure to get adequate sleep each night, eat a balanced diet and consider taking a multivitamin. There are multivitamins specifically formulated to help ensure optimal hair growth.
2. Visit a doctor: You can consult with a doctor to determine if you are suffering from iron deficiency or a serious medical condition. Both can cause hair loss and with medical treatment, the hair loss may be treatable.
3. Use good hair washing practices: Taking basic steps goes a long way to protecting your hairstyles. According to Salon Plano hairstylists, washing hair daily can cause it to become stripped of its natural oils and make it brittle and easier to break. Usually, washing once or twice a week is adequate for those with dry or regular hair. Those with an oilier scalp can wash their hair more frequently.
4. Style hair once it dries: Wet hair can easily be over stretched when combing or doing hairstyles and can snap right off. Wait until the hair is barely damp or dry before trying to style and allow a leave in conditioner to keep the hair manageable as you style.
5. Turn off the heat based styling tools: Heat can be very damaging to your hair, especially in the form of blow dryers and curling irons. Try to limit use of such tools to once or twice a week and look into hairstyles that can be accomplished without using heat.
6. Invest in products designed for your hair type: Stylists at Salon Plano deal with all hair types and hairstyles and one under addressed reason behind hair fall is relying on the wrong type of products. If you have dry hair look for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. If you have color treated hair, use products designed to prevent color fade and keep the hair from being stripped of the color.
7. Be cautious with harsh chemicals: Perms, hair dyes and highlighting systems all rely on harsh chemicals such as ammonia to work, when these products stay on too long or are done to often, hair breakage and fall does occur. You can reduce the damage done by letting a Salon Plano hairstylist or another professional perform chemical services instead of tying to apply yourself. This will ensure these products are used for the shortest amount of time possible to get the results you desire.
8. Avoid stretching the hair: Ponytails and braids may be popular hairstyles but they also stretch and pull the hair, causing it to fall out and break. Cornrows even have the power to cause thinning and baldness at the temples when done to tightly.
9. Treat the damage: Repair hair that is thinning, weak and damaged with deep conditioners and reconstructors. These products restore shine, smooth the hair cuticle and penetrate deep into the hair shaft to fix damage from the inside out.
10. Give hair a break: Salon Plano stylist believe overstyling and constantly wearing new hairstyles may be responsible for hair fall. Try wigs, weaves, buns and extensions for a change.

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